Learn from others and tell them what you have done


Inspiration can strike at any time and from anywhere, but sometimes it needs a helping hand … or you may not even realise you need it.

Through connecting with the Inspiration Exchange community, you will learn from the experiences of others, their trials, tribulations and successes. We facilitate opportunities for you to be inspired to achieve more for the members you respresent.

a 24/7 password-protected resource for case studies, winning award entries, white papers, etc. WHat you need from the Inspiration Exchange community to be inspired by what others have done and achieved.
*** Exclusive content for members and partners ***

informal face-to-face gatherings with your peers to discuss challenges, gain insights and help each other … under the Chatham House Rule.
*** Will resume once people feel confident to meet in person ***

a closed Facebook group to connect with others in similar roles, ask them questions, get solutions, give answers to help others, sing about your successes.  If you are not on Facebook, let us know what you want to ask the Community and we will ask it on your behalf (attributed or anonymous).

Virtual Cafes are video chats of up to one hour to bring peers together during the COVID19 lockdown.  Connect with fellow professionals, ask questions and chip in to the chat – or let off steam in the company of those who know what you are going through.  Everything said is under the Chatham House Rule.  Held on Wednesdays at 3pm (see Calendar for the next one).

Bite-sized Inspirations are short sharp bursts of learning.  Video chats of no more than 45 minutes to educate and inspire you.  Hear from a guest speaker, hone your skills or learn new ones.  Held on Wednesdays at 3pm (see Calendar for the next one)