Join the Inspiration Exchange Community

If you work in a PR / communications / engagement / marketing role in an organisation which has members, whether working in-house, agency, freelance, independent or as an interim practitioner then you are in the right place to sky-rocket your professional development.

You are just a few steps away from being part of the Inspiration Exchange community and on the path to achieving more for you and the members you represent.

Join the Inspiration Exchange community and experience an informal and non-judgemental environment where fellow practitioners who experience the same challenges get together and provide insight from their own experience.  The Community exists to connect, inspire and support each other so that we can achieve more for ourselves and the members we represent.

What happens next?

Simply fill in your information below, click the button at the bottom of the page, then sit back satisfied in a job well done.  After payment you will have instant access to the Inspiration Exchange community.

Most of the sections we ask you to complete are straightforward, but the one in which we ask about your primary role (be it strategic, tactical or both) may perplex you. This is not because we are being nosey (honest!) but so that when we have #MembershipMeets sessions we can match members meaning conversations are most relevant to the role you have.

Payment is by credit card.  If you wish to pay by invoice, please get in touch and this can be arranged.  However, this does mean that your access to the Inspiration Exchange community will be on hold until payment is received.