Informal gatherings with your peers to discuss challenges, gain insights and help each other … under the Chatham House Rule

Due to the COVID pandemic, there are no scheduled #MembershipMeets events.

See the Calendar for our next online event.

These are half day sessions to connect communications / marketing professionals working in the membership sector. There will be a minimum of one per quarter.

They are your opportunity to discuss hot topics and current challenges and receive guidance and insight from fellow professionals and service providers who have likely been there and done it already. The main aim is to collaborate and find workable solutions for now or when the challenge arises.

Download our guide to making the most of a #MembershipMeets

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Ink-saving version (better for printing)

What happens at a #MembershipMeets session?

Build your network – meet new people, reacquaint with lost friends, make useful contacts and chat over a cuppa and cake.  Meet your buddy (if this is your first #MembershipMeets) and empty your head of what is going on back at your desk so you can concentrate on being informed and inspired by the discussions.

Hot topics – two hot topics are covered at each #MembershipMeets.  Discussions will either be as one group, or split into smaller numbers, depending on how many people attend.

Member spotlight – one member gets the opportunity to talk about a project they are proud of, or challenge they found a solution to, which the group can learn from.

Partner spotlight – one partner gets the opportunity to educate the group (not sell to them).  This will usually relate to one of the topics discussed in the session.

09:00 am
Cuppa and cake + meet your buddy
09:30 am
Welcome, housekeeping, hello to newbies
09:40 am
Who I am & one thing you do not know about me
10:00 Am
Session 1 – disussion and summary
10:50 Am
Break, cuppa and cake
11:05 AM
Session 2 – discussion and summary
11:55 AM
Member spotlight
12:25 PM
Wash-up and thank you for coming
12:30 PM
Optional peer-to-peer networking
13:00 PM
Bye and see you soon