Partner with the Inspiration Exchange Community

We all know that people buy from people which is exactly why the Inspiration Exchange Partnership Programme was started.

Our Partnership Programme is designed in a way that helps companies who support the membership sector get in front of the people they want to do business with so they can educate … not give the hard sell.

Teach, don’t sell

Get involved with the Inspiration Exchange Community as a Partner and you are in the right place to teach the people you need to reach about your products or services, and explain how you help solve their challenges.  Be there to help members achieve more for themselves and the members they represent, whilst at the same time build and strengthen the relationships you need with the Community.

What happens next?

You don’t have to sign your life away in order to become part of the Inspiration Exchange community as you can experience #MembershipMeets events on a PAYG basis.  If you love us so much that you will attend multiple #MembershipMeets sessions in a year, then the best value is to become a partner … plus you get instant access to The Hub, The Collective and can give up to two live or pre-recorded webinars per year.

Choose the level of investment you want to make then click on the relevant button.

* The price stated covers attendance by one person. Additional staff from the same company are charged £150 per person.