The power of The Collective – joint lobbying

Apr 16, 2020 | Inspiration Exchange News, The Collective

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The Collective is how we harness the hive mind of the membership sector.  To work together.  To gauge opinions and insight from fellow membership professionals.  To achieve more for the members you represent.

That is precisely what happened this week.

One membership organisation got in touch to ask if I knew any trade associations or professional associations who are concerned about the lack of support for people who are registered as companies.  They wanted to find the right people to have conversations with in other sectors with the view of there being joint lobbying activity.

The request came in at 6:14pm, and by noon the next day, four membership organisations had offered to discuss whether a multi-sector lobbying effort for the self-employed and small businesses – over the COVID-19 period – is possible.

This is exactly what The Inspiration Exchange is all about … CONNECTINSPIRESUPPORT.

What’s next?

Ask The Collective a question to seek the advice and insight of the Inspiration Exchange community for a challenge you are facing.

NB: The Collective is managed through a private Facebook Group – head on over there and join the group.  Post your questions and respond to those left by others.  If you do not have a Facebook profile, or you wish to ask a question anonymously, send us an email or fill out this form and we will ask it on your behalf.

Photo by Anton on Unsplash

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